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Jempoints and HotSpotz's founder worked closely to create a solution that would shorten your meeting life cycle. The result is HotSpotz, which is not a dating app or dating web site – but a meet up app and meet up web site. HotSpotz are locations where people go to socialize. If you don’t like to meet people at certain locations, say a bar or club – then, well… don’t go. Go to the HotSpotz Locations that you like. HotSpotz is about different locations. It’s about creating an environment that allows users to meet people of similar interests - real time.
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  • Discover HotSpotz

    Search all available HotSpotz. Visit your favorite spot or discover a new one (sports, music, events, drinkeries).

  • Enter a HotSpotz location
  • See your possible matches
  • Start interacting

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